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Gear Motor Encoder

New High Torque 24V DC 4A Right Angle Reversible Gear Motor 150 RPM W/ Encoder




Faulhaber Motor + Gearhead + Encoder Combo 92 RPM 12V 1 - 1624E012 - 141:1 Gear


153 RPM Spur Gear Motor w/Encoder Part# 5200-0002-0053


317 RPM Spur Gear Motor w/Encoder Part# 5200-0002-0026


PITTMAN 24V motor with encoder gear ratio 10:1


Faulhaber Motor + Gearhead + Encoder Combo 92 RPM 12V 3 - 1624E012 - 141:1 Gear


Maxon DC Motor U07055 & Tacho Encoder 103935 Gearmotor


30mm Gear Motor 24VDC, 10:1 Ratio, US Digital Encoder


Pittman Ametek DC Gear Motor 24 VDC 19.7:1 Ratio GM9213C433-R2 with encoder


612 RPM HD Planetary Gearmotor w/ Encoder By ServoCity Part # 638332


Faulhaber/Arsape Gear Head Motor 66:1 Ratio 2224-2R-V-24-290, Encoder Guaranteed


Pittman GM9236E349-R2 12VDC Gear Motor w/ Encoder


Worm Gear Motor with precision optical encoder


Metal Gear Motor DC12V/24V 12RPM Hall Sensor Encoder for Arduino Robot 370 Motor


DC 12V/24V 7-470RPM High Torque Self-Locking Worm Gear Motor w Encoder, Cable


Encoder Metal Gear Motor DC 12-24V 10~600RPM with Dual Channel Encoder for Robot


DC 12V 3-200RPM Worm Gear Reducer Motor with Dual Channel Hall Effect Encoder


Motor Globe Motors 24VDC Gear Motor 455A729 IM-15 with Encoder


DC 12/24V 10-1600RPM Encoder Gear Motor 30:1 Reduction Ratio Gearmotor w Encoder


Encoder DC Turbo Worm Gear Motor 12V High Speed 110 RPM Reversible with Encoder


GW4058-31ZY DC12-24V 40mm Dia Turbo Worm Gear Motor With Magnetic Hall Encoder


DC Gear Motor 12/24V Encoder Metal Gearmotor with Dual Channel Encoder for DIY


Pittman 9236C185-R4 DC Motor Encoder Gear Set with Exabyte Drive Board


GM12-N20 DC6/12V Magnetic Micro Gear Motor With Hall Encoder For Smart Car


Worm Metal Gear Motor DC12V 12PPR Hall Sensor Encoder for Arduino Robot 370Motor


Mabuchi RS-385PH Motor w/ Brass Worm Gear + Optical Encoder - 24 VDC Dual Shaft


DC 12V 74RPM 6.4Kg.cm Self-Locking Worm Gear Motor With Encoder And Cable


Gear Motor DC 5v Encoder 260 line P/R Tachometer for Balance Smart Car Robot


370 Encoder Motor DC12V 24V 10~600RPM 25GA Full Metal Gear Motor For DIY Robots